Growing Pains: American Giant On Success & Logistics by Steven B. Wheeler

American Giant's made-in-USA hoodie (image: American Giant)

American Giant's made-in-USA hoodie (image: American Giant)

WIRED story about the logistical curse of huge marketing successes by American Giant. Basically, they had to work out the kinks on production of their core product for 9 months before they're in a position to catch up with demand. Also revealed is the sales volume of the hoodie: typically around 300 units ordered per day.

I love this quote: 

“The American apparel knitwear industry, whatever’s left of it, has been consumed by a race to the bottom."

Cut & sew knit basics have been basically commoditized, so it's nice to see a brand exhuming them and telling a story about craftsmanship & value, but it's even more exciting to see people respond to the story and pay $89 for a basic hoodie. 


How our Minds Process Brand Messages by Steven B. Wheeler

A paragraph of mine from an email discussion this afternoon:

"Clear, consistent use of brand identity exploits our species’ gift for pattern recognition by using many lightweight interactions over time to build trust & familiarity. The portion of our brains responsible for this pattern-seeking behavior is much older than the one involved with storytelling or narrative, and compels us in a more subconscious fashion. A new logo, seemingly arbitrary and with no historical precedent in the eyes of the consumer (who was certainly not in the room with us during the discussions about it), gets filtered out as noise when there isn’t any previous experience to attach it to.

Consumers, whether they know it or not, are looking for relative familiarity and consistency."