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Growing Pains: American Giant On Success & Logistics by Steven B. Wheeler

American Giant's made-in-USA hoodie (image: American Giant)

American Giant's made-in-USA hoodie (image: American Giant)

WIRED story about the logistical curse of huge marketing successes by American Giant. Basically, they had to work out the kinks on production of their core product for 9 months before they're in a position to catch up with demand. Also revealed is the sales volume of the hoodie: typically around 300 units ordered per day.

I love this quote: 

“The American apparel knitwear industry, whatever’s left of it, has been consumed by a race to the bottom."

Cut & sew knit basics have been basically commoditized, so it's nice to see a brand exhuming them and telling a story about craftsmanship & value, but it's even more exciting to see people respond to the story and pay $89 for a basic hoodie.